As Sin Steps Into The Picture…

Law of sin From a sprouting fruit Tree Folly of a thirsty tongue Tapping, lapping, meandering Lurking in the garden Chill of a snake's venom Sin's hiss around the tree A sputter of poison to you Eager for your place In the eyes above your face The witness is sad in silence For the Blood … Continue reading As Sin Steps Into The Picture…


Words on the wall

We may not speak to these matters of love//they are only to be words on the wall We may not look at each other's eyes//as they carry these burdens to crumble and fall When you find your way into a heart of a man//ask not for his voice but the guiding way To go beyond, … Continue reading Words on the wall


When the wind whispers it's a cold day When the stars shine the angels are spying on us "If it's good enough for you, then it's good enough for me" inspired by a De Niro movie, that last line is actually from one of his movies... still have to look up which one