At Odds

about Drug addiction and/vs Suicide

i get a Stroke from my
_clattering Eardrums… … …

low Voices begging, Stop!
from inside as if Suicide is
as bad as Dozing like a
baby on sleeping Drugs.

i’m at odds with Breaking
_from days Not thoroughly
_lived, taken for granted
_by acts of being Sad. it back Fires

some days are Still&Silent
they take me to walk Off
_Pain from my eyes
& my Conjuring thoughts
slowly feigning Suffocation.

my Truth is, one way to gain Fame is
to Die at your Peak, while they can still
remember your Name&Hobbies

i consider it, just to
_Grab attention
_from teary eyed Faces

some days i’m in between
a good Joke and some Weed
then, i’m back in Character… … …

Sad Eardrums Still Pain

Fire Grabs Silently Not Dozing

Jokes Breaking Peak Strike Stop

Character Conjure Weed Faces

Suicide Voices Fame Drug Names

Truth Dies Suffocating Hobbies Off!


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