Life In Prose Poetry

Birth is the beginning of the journey to immortality
Some times it’s long, sometimes it’s short
I would guess it depends on the feet that walk it
These paths to this wayward travel are never the same
Though they all carry the same traps, no two fall the same
You’ll find those with money fall in melancholy, hack!
You’ll find those with joy will fall into poverty, prink!
There’s always a catch in the path to immortality
If you are not careful, your journey may cut short
Isn’t it, there are many fun, exciting places on the way!
Some get so caught up they even forget they’re travelers
They plan to stay here on earth forever, hahahahahaa
O, my they go for surgery, liposuction, the gym, transplants
You name it, they will take that chance, to prolong days much as they can
The only problem is this mode of transport called skin
It’s too fragile, one mistake you brake a bone, wow! All things stop.
You’ve got to go for repairs at the hospital, months, weeks, days go bye
Hay your mind starts pacing man! there are no drugs in the hospital!
Just a smell of piss and tasteless pills they force down you throat,
Now your nice journey to immortality is ruined, you never know
Immortality is never too far, you never know when you’ll arrive
All you know is you’ve got to keep walking, immortality can be here
And now, or there and next year, but these places you get to see, they’re
So much fun, you laugh, you cry, you make love, you drink, you smoke
You go back to the book to check for more sins and you commit them all
Hahahahahahaaaa! But this beats up you old bukkie now, it tires you
I mean you’re on the inside asking for more but, no your truck is coughing
It starts saying ‘oil’, ‘water’, ‘petrol’, it takes longer now to service, you start
Visiting the repair store more, they send you to the dealer, he shoves a pill
Down your throat again, if you unlike he pikes you with needles, the engineers
Start telling you to stop smoking, drinking and fornicating, damn! you ask,
What the hack am I to do now? They say find a home, park your car and wait
For immortality to come to you, ’cause you’ve fucked yourself already
So, one day you walking from a thirty minute piss on a jar, for the dealers
And fuck, you see yourself in a mirror, you look like a beat up old hawk!
You face looks like you balls, hahahahahahaa you have two strips of hair
And shit! dark marks everywhere, you look like a dog high on rabies,
You look down your pants, you see you’ve pissed yourself-you missed the jar-
Thirty minutes of pulling down not a single drop and now is when it comes?!
The dealer sees you fainting from embarrassment she calls
The engineer, they call the specialists, to check you and examine you enough
To suck your pockets dry, then they tell you, you have ten hours left, before your
Long journey is up, before you arrive to your long forgotten destination, to
Your immortality… to your Death! Hahahahahaaa, Mm… but that’s just my journey!


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