War On Poverty

They say war was cruel and not kind
They say a man would die by a bullet from behind
They say you had to walk when it’s dark
_and fight when it’s bright, constantly in hiding…
They say you had to bite you tongue or
_you arrogance would bite you like dogs
They say that’s where men were taught not to cry
In the great world wars, the epoch of darkness

I say poverty is as generous as war to death
I say we used to starve for days with forced smiles at school
We used to hear gun shots pacing past our cold shack
We used to wake up to see blood on the street on our way
We used to see dying men not from gun wounds
From pain deep inside trying to run away from life
We use to sharpen pencils with our teeth
We wanted war, war was glory, war was treasured pain

They say you don’t want to hold your fellow man
_in your arms to beg him to die
You don’t want to feel the cold rush of a bullet
_pinch your leg, pierce your back or crack a bone
You don’t want to tell yourself to breath to make
Pain go a little easy on you, though it never does
You don’t want to pray on your new born son’s name
Only to see his eyes, to touch and kiss his
Little feet soft and moist like clay

I say village living is a war on its own
When it snows in the mountains you sleep on ice
When it floods, it takes you with it though you can’t swim
When it’s hot you suffocate on your own scarce breath
But there is never a mild weather, not on a shack

A candle is your only friend
When other kids buy lunch, you buy a candle
When they eat their lunch you eat with your eyes
But you never let go of the candle, it’s like an egg
If it breaks, your mother will break your bones
If it melts, your mother will melt your behind
At night you better watch it with care
That candle deserves a week of life at least
_or you die by its side as well, no questions
If you light it early, you will piss yourself, beaten
If you fall asleep while it burns, you will rule the day
If you don’t light, to do school work the teacher
_might make an example of you,
_both in laughter and in tears
If your mother finds you on school work
_while last nights dishes are still dirty…

They say war was the heavy genocide of man by man,
I say poverty still packs more on the backs of men,
A son without a father is worse than a man who died in war,
_at least the soldiers has honor, and burial ground
A son with no father is a laughing stock in the village,
No one can stand for his honor
A son without a father is laughed
_at by drunks without teeth
What do they know!
_even dogs are better treated…
They say war was cruel and unkind…
I say we don’t need a war, but we need
_our young to have honor, respect and fathers
What do you say?…


4 thoughts on “War On Poverty

  1. Thank you, I agree and that is the war fought by men everyday not even thinking of the war the mother has to fight trying to make ends meet for her child, and the war fought by the child who misinterprets the situation blaming the mother and hating the father…


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