Words on the wall

We may not speak to these matters of love//they are only to be words on the wall
We may not look at each other’s eyes//as they carry these burdens to crumble and fall

When you find your way into a heart of a man//ask not for his voice but the guiding way
To go beyond, reading words on the wall//as hidden scribbles that no philosopher is fond to solve

Let your lips not speak//lest they provoke the falling of the wall
Let your eyes not blink//lest they blind these words you dear recall

Only let your mind to seek//the meaning he tries to defeat
These words in his heart’s walls//to scream at you his hearts fall

When you are to touch the hand of a man//let him lead you to your way
Look to the sky to remember,//the path that leads to his hardened way
Pay heed unto the way to you they say//the winds guiding you to the wall
To words beyond the door//to the land beneath his soul

We may not speak to the matters of two//of hearts entangled by words overdue
We may not shed this wall on hue//to see these secrets of a heart’s review

When your feet are worn of a long walked path//you tire of longing explanation
When your ears numb to the wind//the words uttered don’t bare to reason
When your eyes fail more to see//the wall gets coverings of new paint

Look beyond those high gates//look to your own approach of what they had to say
These words you have long yearned to hear//for which you had journeyed long
Look not at your own failed trials//look beyond your swelling feet
Look not at the time that has left you behind//look beyond your shaking hands

Let your lips not speak//lest they hold firm the crumbling wall
Let your eyes not blink//lest those words with higher meaning resonate

For as he also no courage to pursue, so you too//are not to blame for the fallen dirty wall
You are not to say the words on your wall…//you are not to show remorse for the lost meaning of his fallen wall


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