The Father I didn’t know!

I say I love you
In my mind all day
The only world
I am not tongue tied
When I learn to love
It won’t be you, I love

A heart locked in a cage
A cage of thoracic bones
Clustered with organs
That flute the same tune

We try to attract the ones
Who neglect us
But the love unseen
Shall perfect us…

We try to protect the ones
Who detest us
But the care unseen
Shall reflect us

A heart locked in chains
Chains of a divorced home
Chains of love misunderstood
Tied by the illegitimately born child

I say I need you
In my prayers all day
The only realm
I am not compromised
When you learn to need
It won’t be me, you heed

this is for me and all of those who grew up without the fathers, i think we should be proud of being the people we’ve become even through the way the cards were delt for us, the beginning is me to him, the ending is him to me…


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