Jonny’s Menú

Poeple constantly ask me stuff about Cuba,
like ‘So, what sort of food do guys eat in Cuba?’
And i tell’em: Rice, buns, chicken, pork, fruits, veggies…
But they never seem satisfied with that
They look at me funny, like i compiled the menú
So i thought back and hard
on some of my all-time favorite dishes
And this is what i came up with:
Dead rat soup, mmm… gooey!
Stinky socks spinach! Steam hot!
Frog biscuits with snail jell mayonnaise!
Sweat panties topped with garlic breaths!
and you can have crocodile tongues with that.
But my favorite is spaghetti pubes in arm pit sauce
Great gastronomy, really!

The baverages are good as well
They love water paint jugo very popular juice
Melted syrup on ice, when its hot!
But if you like the hot stuff,
then you can have coffee, tea, rum or vodka
You know!
The normal everyday stuff.

so i thought to write a list poem, for Monekeys…🐒


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