HIV can’t handle me

By Jonny Hlumelo

We are scars wearing mask
We are 15 shades of rainbows
We are ice cold winters by the crackling fire
We might be the poorest of the poor but our souls
Are rich with anguish
We are not perfect but time is a craft
Nuestros almas son reyes (our souls are kings)

These are our brothers and sisters
So what?…
Money on the door, should she take!
Should she leave it!
When her dreams are starved?
They’ve got her now

HIV is pharmaceutical
As in farmers who gave us rotten cabbage,
What a suit, they called out!

I don’t trust black women,
they’ve got that AIDS
Big ass, that aides
Big tits, that aides
Fat ol’ lips, that aides!
Laughing out loud at death of night, that aides!
As in accomplishments,
  selflessness, that AIDS!

So what freedom were you born to young blood?
Information? Or in formation?
What will I learn from you?
What your ancestors die for?
1 million, 2 million, a billion?
Start getting information
Stop standing in formation.
These is our brothers and sisters
They’re burying us…
Because farmacies feed fallacies
We can’t get cured now!
Only equality will cure us
Equality, A quality of freedom through support
When they know we’ve got their backs
They will know us.

This ain’t no state capture
When we’re captured souls
Ain’t no junk status,
When our people been living in junk state, Us!
This is confused society
Rebels without cause
So what will I learn from you young blood
Will I learn how you box yourself inside with pride
When you’re not proud at all, of who you are…
Of what your past has made you to be,
let out be free…

Now on a point of order
This ain’t that parliament
This is par lament…
That you got lost somewhere
You lost your blood so go get it
This ain’t no parliament
HIV or STI might be their message
But this ain’t no third world country
We are first in this country so get up again
This ain’t no state capture,
This is Capture State.
Where we capture the minds of the dead
Screaming fees must fall,
so this nation may rise
we can be in paradise!

I thought we would grow together
But you’re lagging behind and
I’m soaring sky high
So get up young blood
No HIV can deceive me
This is Capture State
And I am the economy

This ain’t no parliament
This is par lament…
that they’ve turned you against yourself
This is par lament… that you have false education
This is par lament… that you’re full with lies
This ain’t no parliament
This is par lament… that they’ve tricked us
This is par and that is equality
This is Africa, this ain’t no Aah freak out!
This is Africa
Now cure yourself young blood
Now let’s go and claim our prize
Now let’s go and claim our pride…

Inspired by Rudiga… a friend and a mentor.


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