The psychologist said
1_Dont think of your troubles now
2_Don’t think of the reason you’re here
3_Don’t think of your loss and pian

The psychologist said
4_Think of what you love
5_Think of something fun
6_Think of how much you love you family
7_Think of how beautiful they are

The psychologist said
8_Think of how nice the world is
9_Think of how soft flower petals feel
…when you rub them on your skin
10_Think of how warm the sun feels on the beach
11_Think of how smooth the water flows on the lake

The psychologist said
12_Now think of sadness and how it lets you go
13_Think of suffering and how you can’t notice it
14_Think of hatred and how it’s left your soul
15_Think of mourn and how it’s turned to glory

The psychologist said
16_Think of how much you want to be loved
…by those you love
17_Think of the new life you can have
18_Think of how kind you can be to others
19_Think of why you deserve love
20_Think of thoughts you just had

The psychologist said
21_Now stop thinking
22_Now start being
23_Now live free of your life’s past
24_Now welcome your future
25_Now live like you’re amazing
26_Now be…

And that made all the difference…
Maybe it’s because I was hypnotised…
The psychologist was Dying Dreams.


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