Reading poetry

There is a certain vigor that surrounds me when i read poetry. I’m a writer so performance is a bit dry to me, but whenever i read i become one with a poem, the words, the order, the forethought, the lack of something in others, it’s all sweet to my taste of literature. Today i was reading some works of the bloggers and i couldn’t help but feel like I’m in a glorious relm of discovery a world that is not there to the selfish ones, a world only availed to you when you forget about yourself and just open your eyes to what other people see life as. I thank all those i got the pleasure to read. For me reading poetry is like looking at someone else’s mind and feeling their feelings. As poets we ought to give ourselves a little more credit for the impact we have on those who listen to the voice of poetry, because those that do get to feel more than what circumstance has served, they get to see more than their eyes can offer, they get to be in touch with humanity, with what makes us people and this is true to all other arts as well, but for now only a few people have the ear for poetry and for the first time in my own life I am sure my ears have been cleansed and I can hear other people’s words than mine and they are beautiful, sweet and kind. Thank you poets, thank you God.

Poetic devices

Sweet lips

…kiss of wisdom

Kind breaths

Sharp teeth

There’s more to words

…than a flick of a tongue

There’s more to taste

…than a sweet flavor

Personally I endure aftertaste

…it seems to get better with time.


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