Let me go

“So tell me what sort of education tells us what to do but don’t teach us how to do it? Nobody wants to be told what to do, but people want to learn. We have a frustrating system that tells our kids what to learn, rather than ask them what they want to learn.” Dying Dreams.

Hands squeezing calm
Fingers clinching liberty
Now freedom can’t breath
Let go
Let go
Let go
Let go
Let go
Let go
Let go
Let go
Let go
Let go

All the Ten Commandments
Let them go
Start over
You are born to Sin
You are born to Suffer
But Egypt is a million years ago

Jesus Christ came to teach men how to live
…they learnt how to follow
Let it go
Start over

Jerusalem lives in your blood
Stop chocking him
He will show you how to be…

In hindsight: let me go 

So tell me what sort of education tells us what to do but don’t teach us how to do it? Nobody wants to be told what to do, but people want to learn. We have a frustrating system that tells our kids what to learn, rather than ask them what they want to learn based on what is available in our educational capacity. You see it’s no resolve to ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, then teach them things that have nothing to do with that. We need to let the system go. Let our children be in a market place kind of education. Where everyday they are immersed to a variety of choices, of what to learn based on their interests. The teacher’s job would be to monitor them on how to build those interests. To guide them on how such interests would improve their lives. And also to motivate them when they decide to change.

As an adult for the first time you are forced to make choices but you suffer because you were never taught how. You wanted to learn to make choices, but you were told what to do instead of being taught you were instructed. Instructions leave you in a point of weakness, you have no power and no authority over them. So, now when you go to university and you are asked to make choices for your future you struggle, because you never made even simple choices in your life.
We need a system that is not closed up on how smart you are, but a system open to how interested you are in a particular field. Then it makes it easy for both the child and the teacher to work on common interest. The child mush be overwhelmed by a multitude of choices from an early age, so that as he grows he develops a way to let go of what doesn’t entice him and focus on what does. He will also be more independent that way, choosing from friends that share interests and avoid conflict all at the same time. He will be able to deal with situations better from there on.

The parents should also learn to let their failures go. So that they don’t put strenuous expectations on children. Let go! Start over this is your child and your child is you. God gave us an opportunity to live again through our children, but we’ve been getting it wrong for so long because we never learnt to let go, we never learnt to live and most importantly we never learnt to learn. Letting go is the first step. The Ten Commandments are your convictions. Egypt is your struggle. Jerusalem is your salvation. So, whether you are a Christian or not that is irrelevant. What I mean to say is that we the human kind all have the same path to go and you don’t have to abandon your beliefs. You only have to modify your position towards them. Learn their principles follow them, but be true to yourself. Don’t let what others think it should be like to be of that belief system to affect you. Be who you are, obey the rules that you have chosen and be free.

We all suffer because we are trying to live by other people’s rules. That is not what the Christ came for. That is not what any of the prophets of various religions were trying to accomplish. They were trying to show us how it’s done but they were not telling us what to do. There is more than one way to do something. The same way there are seven billion different faces on earth. The same way that there are a gazillion different species on earth. The same way that there are different ideas in every mind. This proves that we are hypocrites to our nature, if we all want to be the same way. It can’t be like that. We are all different, but we all have the same path to walk. We will never take the same steps, that’s why it gets frustrating. Let go, let go, let go and you will be free.

This article has no basis and no intention to undermine, offend or demoralize any doctrine or belief. It is me voicing out my opinion on what I was trying to communicate in my poem. I have no authority to judge or criticize any belief or norm. I am only an artist, making an firm analysis of what the poem is saying to me. The poem is open to be analyzed in anyway, that does not look down on other people and as well that does not endorse any culture or nation as superior to any other. I am a Christian by belief but anyone has a right to believe in whatsoever they relate to. My analogy is sole a form of reflection on what I have been taught and what I have observed. Therefore it does not explicitly explain what the Christian religion stands for it only suggests my opinion on the basis of what I have heard, read or seen. If you want to know what Christianity stands for, go to a Christian church near you. I’m sure the pastors will be more than willing to explain to you all your concerns.

You see what world we live in? Without this explanation I could be disproportioned but that’s okay because I know what I am saying, it’s clear to me. Jonny Hlumelo


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