The peeping Trumpet


Who knows what goes on inside the mind of a musician, like a jazz singer for example, as we all know jazz musicians were the first rockstars of modern times. They were the fisrt to defy the rules and choose their own path, the path of ‘outrageous musics.’

Today, almost a century later we have a long list of pinned-in rockstars in their own accords, from computer geek rockstars to the new popularized presidency rockstars, and when it gets to this point you start to think one of two things: ‘hell yhe!’ or  ‘we are fucked!’ Which side is yours is the big Q?

Many years ago a filthy rich businessman was having a ‘good time’ with friends and associates as all businessmen do. It turns out they were niether friends nor people to be associated with because when the GREAT business rockstar started running his mouth about women’s pussies those very friends held him on steed, and that horse sure knows how to run _should have bet on it myself_ Now we have pussy hats, pussy hats on runway shows, cute babies wearing pussy hats on instagram and you know the like.

The now presidential business rockstar ought to learn the ‘Moves’ from Jagger or even better the former Rapstar president. Now all this jazz wanna be player does is keep peeping to the disgust of all his audience.  You see jazz music might have started out rebellious to orthodox symphonies but time crafted it into an artwork of its own, not much of the same can be said about the Trumpet bearer for the next four years. I thought Meryl Streep did a great job pretending not to be a good singer on her movie but it seems like the owner of the biggest office in town has got one on her.

So what can the guys having front row seats do in this horried show? Enjoy it while it lasts! You see, a lot of American poeple have complained furiously of being sidelined by the politicians. Now those guys are standing as far apart from stage as you can imagine, cracking themselves up on how annoyed the elite are -and by one of their own. I’m sure working class voters and other minorities didn’t even want someone to bring change to the state of things in America, they just wanted to piss -the big headed elites- off!

Hold on the John, three more years. Three more years! and as best to close my controvesy article’s analogy I’ll just have to say ‘He who calls piper Sings the tune’ enjoy.


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