Why are we dying dreams?

We are dying dreams. I thought to share the poem that inspired this blog since we are still getting to know each other. Hope you enjoy it.

beloved Dani Ramirez
some monkeys bark
some monkeys live on tree branches
some wear dresses
some giggle like girls
some play swamp on swamps
some play hop like frogs on roses

I am a vivid monkey
I am a livid monkey
I am in the spring
I want to be an aristocrat
but I am held and tongue tied
locked up alone in my reflection
life looks beautiful to the eye
like waking up in cold sweat with a smile
From dreaming of fetish kisses
A sweet misery of lust
A touch of love in a dream dried like sand
like being lost in the city,
gathering thoughts of solace
I am short of life once lived

love, has walked past so many times
I was watching, I thought she’d say, hi
I was brave silence, just a numb monkey
Making no sound, not brave to talk to a stranger
Happy to fool love’s neglect, Happy in our ghost love
From Monkey with care… Life Chronicles choices.

At hind sight:

This poem narrates a story of a youth who finds love in a hopeless life and as they share their lives together he finds out that they are emotionally distant from one another and he starts to personify his emotional death, wishing and dreaming himself all the things he truly hoped for but he can never turn his back on his feelings of solitude and emptiness. Later he finds comfort in the knowledge that shared grief is better than lonesome joy.

This piece was greatly inspired by the beloved Daniuvis Carbonel Ramirez whom by her strength and tireless efforts still strives for a better life though under tough conditions faced by the Cuban society in the economic sanctions placed by the US in Cuba.
If perseverance being a virtue then those who’ve touched it shall one day be rewarded, i believe.

‘Now until a man learns to see himself as mere animal as no lesser or higher than a dog, a frog or a cow shall we expect him to completely abandon racism’JH.


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