Hello Dying Dreams

Welcome to dying dream’s sin city. I hope to bring you excitement and inspiration through this blog. Using poetry, essays and short stories.
No charges are paid for following this blog. You are also welcome to post comments and like the posted pages. Your support is vital and means a lot to me. All and any suggestions, as well as critique are acknowledged and welcomed.

The main idea of this blog is to grow and learn, in this small journey I have began as a young and aspiring poet. The blog serves to bridge the gap between me as a writer and the people as my audience. I also intend to include my take on poetry as a subject and a prospective career platform. I will be engaging reviews as well, please do not be offended by this, all and every involved persons will be acknowledged.

We are dying dreams is an idea that is esteemed to inspire those who have fallen apart from their own dreams. By acknowledging that I also was on a similar path no so long ago, I admit to hope that my reconciliation will lift up those still finding their way.

I am a poet and a writer, born and raised in post-apartheid South Africa. I have been fortunate to find out that as young people we are capable of doing more with this new opportunity and new possibilities arise everyday. I hope you like what you see. As I grow in my small journey both emotionally and logically.

We are dying dreams. The sad faces on foggy mirrors, aching for attention, aching to realate. We are fading sparks of a borne fire, hoping to burn. Most of all we want to live. We want to wake, we want to thrive in our newly discovered lives. We hope to light up the sky for all to see and be at awe. So we say ‘Wake up all you dying dreams and let us find ourselves in this barren old sin city called life. “People I inspire. Suffer I endure as a drive. The truth is my strength, God willing it’s our time to wake dying dreams.” Jonny Hlumelo


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