To my Dying Dreams

How often as young people do we yearn a space to freely express our deepest, darkest places that clog our souls? Isn’t it true that every creature born to man is born to sin? How do we cleanse ourselves, now?

I believe we are dying dreams from birth for a reason and, death is already on its way towards us. What are we supposed to do about this. What can be done? _To be free from sad sin is the only freedom there is_ We ought not forget each other and ourselves as we are love, but also how do we fulfill those long lost dreams. I hear you say, what then can we do to love ourselves more Mr Dying Dreams? _Well, that is the question, My dear, that is the question!

We have to figure this jigsaw out. This may be our only cause in life. To see if we can relieve our from these burdens of humanity and walk lighter in this Sin City called life. Your comments are essential here, more than gold, share your experiences and grief so that we can try to help. Make sure to protect your identity in sensitive cases so as not to expose yourself to people’s bad interests.

I am a poet and a thinker, as a story teller I would like to write a poem inspired by your story and gladly publish it for your enjoyment and for everyone to be uplifted and learn from your story, …and by this I don’t mean flood me with sob stories no just give me a fair share of what goes on in your daily life whether it’s a cool thing or a sad thing, something to be happy about and something to ponder so that we can grow together.

I have to honor, Inc.) for the opportunities they afford us and for how easy they make communication for our generation, we are forever in your debt.

From: Jonny Hlumelo, founder of the DyingDreamSinCity website/blog….


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